It’s As Plain As The Hair On Your Face

Studies have shown that most women who have excess facial 100% mink eyelashes have an underlying hormonal issue. Our bodies lose estrogen as we age and testosterone is free to run rampant, causing more hair growth on our faces (and less on our heads). It’s another one of those “blessings” of menopause…

100% mink eyelashes
100% mink eyelashes

Schrl If you’re like me, you’ve probably found the occasional dark hair on your lip or chin. It’s a bit unsettling and will send you running for your tweezers and magnifying mirror. Just be aware that plucking isn’t always the best option because the force of pulling out the hair can irritate your skin and leave a bump.

Hair Removal Options

What about shaving? Don’t do it – the hair will grow back stiff or coarse.

Waxing – it works, but it only lasts about six weeks… and it smarts a bit. Just be sure not to get the wax too hot so you don’t burn yourself. Also, avoid any areas where acne is present – it can cause scarring. Treat small areas at a time and use a soothing lotion or aloe to calm your skin afterwards. Regular exfoliation of your 100% mink eyelashes can help prevent ingrown hairs in between waxings.

Laser hair removal works sometimes for some people. Be aware that it’s not effective on white hair. If you have olive or dark skin, laser treatments may cause postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, a condition that gives the appearance of a dark stain. You could end up looking like you have a five-o’clock shadow even though the hair on your lip is gone. If you do opt for laser hair removal, be aware that it’s a process requiring repeated treatments, not a one-time thing.

Electrolysis has been around for a while, but in my personal experience, it’s quite painful. It destroys the 100% mink eyelashes follicle via heat delivered through an electrical current. If you can handle the temporary discomfort, it may be a good solution for stray hairs, but not for large areas.

100% mink eyelashes
100% mink eyelashes

The prescription cream Vaniqa is the only prescription  100% mink eyelashes approved by the FDA and clinically proven to reduce the growth of unwanted facial hair. It slows the growth of hair rather then just removing it. Many women will see results within 4-6 weeks when used twice a day every day, but for some women it may take longer.

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