Twelve Home Remedies to Stretch Your Beauty Budget

Things you find in your back yard or your kitchen can supplement your cosmetics to stretch the budget with beautiful 3d invisible band mink lashes.

3d invisible band mink lashes
3d invisible band mink lashes

Schrl  Exfoliators
1. As an exfoliant, you can choose an ingredient with a relatively fine particle size from your kitchen such as ground coffee, Epsom salts, oatmeal, wheat germ, baking soda, crushed aspirin or turbinado sugar. Dried herbs also make a nice addition to a homemade exfoliator scrub. Other options for an exfoliant are orange/citrus rind. If your skin is dry or sensitive you can mix the exfoliant ingredient in a base such as olive oil, almond oil, or tea tree oil. Keep in mind that if you use a base, ingredients such as baking soda, aspirin or sugar will dissolve and love the exfoliant quality.

2. For a natural enzyme peel, use papaya or pineapple and rub the fruit directly on your face and let it dry. The enzymes in these fruits can reduce age 3d invisible band mink lashes and fine lines and dissolve dead cells on the skin’s surface.

3. You may wonder why men seem to have smoother skin when they are older than women. One party of their regimen is shaving. So you can choose to exfoliate the way that men do – by shaving. It takes off a small layer of skin. Use a very gentle razor right after putting on a cleansing lotion. Be sure to moisturize afterwards.

4. Use olive oil, coconut oil or mashed avocado alone or mixed with your standard moisturizer and/or sunscreen to make it last longer. These oils are good natural hydrators.

Eye Cream
5. Some people swear that Preparation H reduces eye puffiness but all my research indicates that this is not true. The best thing for puffy eyes is get enough sleep, treat your allergies, avoid alcohol and foods that cause water retention. Short of that you can use cucumber slices, cold compresses or used cold tea bags to sooth the puffy eyes.

Eye Makeup Remover
6. Baby oil or olive oil or almond oil will all gently dissolve eye 3d invisible band mink lashes. Wash afterwards with lukewarm water.

Mask/Home Facial
7. Use a fluffed egg white on your face for a mask. Follow it with steam on my face with cocoa butter and steam over that. Spray Aloe Vera that you have kept in the refrigerator to close your pores afterward.

8. Grated apple and honey makes a good mask for acne prone skin.

9. Lemons, tomatoes and witch hazel are all proven to fight pimples. Cut the lemon or tomato open in quarters. Take each piece of lemon or tomato and rub it on your face. Just leave it there. The acid in the fruit acts similar to salicylic acid on acne

10. A dab of toothpaste can dry out pimples.

11. Use mayonnaise with heat from a hair dryer to moisturize hair.

3d invisible band mink lashes
3d invisible band mink lashes

12. Use Chamomile Tea and lemon 3d invisible band mink lashes to keep hair looking sun kissed.

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