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5 Ways to Always Look Your Best – On the Go!

We all have those days where we just don’t care how we look or what anyone has to say about it. Those days where you don’t even mind leaving the house in sweats, mink eye lashes undone – looking a mess. We have all been there, so there is no shame in admitting it!

mink eye lashes
mink eye lashes

Schrl Yet, have you ever been caught looking thoroughly unpolished in public, by a friend you haven’t seen in ages? All of a sudden, that “I don’t give a —-” attitude goes out the window and all kinds of shame kick in. That kind of embarrassment is a horrible feeling! Wait… here is the holy grail of embarrassment…

You’re in Publix browsing the ice cream aisle in your mink eye lashes(or what might as well be pajamas… yes, Vickie’s PINK counts as pajamas), when all of a sudden you see a great-looking guy, who is impeccably dressed. You want to flirt, but all of a sudden realize you appear to be a bum.

Basically, some opportunities only knock once, so don’t be caught unprepared to answer the door!

You might be in college with an amazing internship, but face the facts – if you look like a bum, people will perceive you as such, regardless. It’s human nature to make an assessment of people you meet based on your first impression, which includes how people are dressed.

mink eye lashes
mink eye lashes

It’s hard to look your best 24/7. Lord knows I went on a late-night run to Burger King the other day in my mink eye lashes. Did I care at the time? No. But I was definitely ashamed. I was praying my car wouldn’t break down, etc. so I wouldn’t have to be seen by a soul. It was not a good feeling. I vowed after that to make sure I never feel that way again.

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