Mineral Eye Shadow – Get the Effects You’re Looking For

They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. If you want someone to take a long deep look into your peepers, use mineral mink false eyelashes manufacturers shadow. But, it’s not just the eye shadow that will get them. Apply it in different ways to get the effects you are looking for.

mink false eyelashes manufacturers
mink false eyelashes manufacturers

Schrl Why mineral eye shadow?

If you’ve ever used it you traditional eye shadow, it can clump and collect in the creases of your eyelids after about eight hours of wear. Later in the day you might find yourself applying more to continue the look you created.

Mineral eye shadow has all the colors but also some other major benefits. First of all, mineral mink false eyelashes manufacturers is made from natural earth minerals. Some manufacturers add fillers and extras for shelf life but you can find a manufacturer that doesn’t add these things.

Secondly, mineral makeup is healthy for your skin. The properties of these minerals include:

o Sun protection from harmful rays
o Reflective properties that hide fine lines and wrinkles
o Non-comedogenic (they don’t clog pores so your skin can breathe)
o Lightweight when applied

The iron oxides within the mineral eye shadow have creates some amazing colors that will not only complement your skin but give you the dramatic or subtle looks you want. Best of all, mineral eye shadow can be applied at the beginning of the day and last all day without having to be reapplied.

Mineral eye shadow effects

There are a few things to know about mink false eyelashes manufacturers shadow to get the looks that you desire. First of all, lighter colors cause your eyes to recede. When applying them to the entire lid, your eyes are minimized. On the other hand, a darker color pulls your eyes into the forefront and gets them noticed.

During the day, a lighter natural color is usually preferred. The look that most women go for is overall natural beauty when they are at work. One layer of mascara on the lashes will bring some notice to your eyes. Choose a shade that complements your skin tone but is lighter.

At night, darker more vibrant colors are needed to get your eyes to do their job of attracting attention. Apply some loose mineral powder to the entire eye area as a foundation for your color palette. To create an alluring effect, use three colors that work well together: a light, a medium, and a darker color. The darker color can be used wet and applied with an eye liner brush across the bottom and the top lid close to the lash line.

mink false eyelashes manufacturers
mink false eyelashes manufacturers

Cover the entire eye with the lighter shade. You can use a mink false eyelashes manufacturers that shimmers if you like that kind of effect. The darker color is then applied to along the upper lash line out to the outer are of the eye to the crease. Take a sharp turn up towards the brow bone just under your eyebrows. This “V” adds shape to your eyes. Use the medium color along the lower half of your eyelid. Lastly, smudge the medium color and the dark “V” for the smoky look everyone is raving about these days.

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