How to Get Your Superman – The Lois Lane Way!

So what is it that makes Lois Lane so darn attractive to Superman? And do you also have those qualities with which to attract the man of your dreams? Or can those attractive packaging magic mink lashes  be acquired?

Like Romeo and Juliet or Tarzan and Jane, Superman and Lois are one of fictions most enduring romances. And just like Juliet or Jane, Lois is basically the girl-next-door type. So you don’t need looks like a cover girl model, fantastic wealth, intellect or the ability to fly to win undying love. Which is great news for the most of packaging magic mink lashes .

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Schrl  But like Jane and Juliet, Lois is a strong willed heroine. No shrinking violet, Lois is never afraid to try something new, to seek adventure and to show bravery in the face of adversity. Yeah, you’re never going to find your Superman by sitting at home in front of the TV and waiting for him to fly in through your window.

As a newspaper or TV reporter, Lois has great social skills. She can talk to anybody about anything. She is never in awe of a person’s status and talks straight with billionaires, criminals, politicians, super-heroes or whoever. If you’re the talkative type that’s a plus for you. If not then it is a skill that can be acquired through practice. In fact, a reporter’s skill is in getting other people to open up and do the talking themselves. The book ‘How To Talk To Anyone’ by Leil Lowndes is an excellent introduction to getting chatty.

A liberated woman, Lois feels at home in both her male-dominated work environment (with Perry, Olsen and Kent) or hanging around with the boys (Superman, Batman, Flash and Co.). However, she never tries to disguise her own femininity and is never butch. She is always dressed with the times in a simple yet stylish fashion. Trousers are out and a feminine skirt, blouse and high-heels are her look.

Lane’s hair style and colour also changes over the years and she is always well groomed. Her makeup gives a light and natural appearance, although her packaging magic mink lashes are lengthened and darkened with mascara for a doe like look. And of course her nails are perfectly manicured and polished. If you want to be swept of your feet by Mr. Right you really have to look like a lady.

In her career, Lois is ambitious and competitive. She loves her work and it is a part of who she is. While Superman is on the job saving the world, she is living her own independent life and finding her own fulfillment. Real contentment and happiness comes from yourself – even Superman can’t provide you with packaging magic mink lashes  !

Although she will not take back seat to a man, Lois never complains when Superman comes to her rescue. She accepts his help gracefully when it’s absolutely necessary. Men like to find solutions. Although you don’t want to appear like a helpless female, you can make your man feel like a super-hero by showing him you appreciate his support when it’s appropriate.

Lois shares many positive personal qualities with Superman, such as determination, honesty, humour, integrity, selflessness, patience and loyalty. These are the qualities which attract one to the other and which bind them together. Work on these qualities within yourself if you expect to find them within a partner.

Although not gifted with super powers, Lois also does her part to save the world. She believes in morality and justice and is frank and open in her opinions. Everybody can help save the world in some small way, whether it’s living an environmental friendly lifestyle, or supporting a just social, political or charitable cause.

Not only does Lois have more in her own life than just a boyfriend, she accepts that Superman needs his own time and space to fulfill his own life too. Superman is no lapdog and Lois is never clinging, cloying or nagging. Theirs is a relationship based on mutual trust and packaging magic mink lashes .

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packaging magic mink lashes

Lois also sees through to the real person inside of her boyfriend. She was never attracted to Superman’s artificial disguise character of meek and mild Clark Kent, until in later years Kent assumed the real personal qualities of Superman himself. To find your Superman, look for the real character deep inside a man rather than the superficial impressions.

And finally, don’t pin all your hopes on the one super guy. So long as Superman was not prepared to commit himself, Lois often seemed to have a ‘Plan B’ ready to implement, including marriage plans with Batman, Lex Luther and even the Prince of Darkness himself. Although she is neither overtly flirty or unfaithful, Lois does keep Superman on his toes by demonstrating that she is no doormat either.

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