The Optimum Time For a 3D Ultrasound? 30 Weeks

For many years, a 2D ultrasound scan has been a very routine part of prenatal care. They are invaluable for doctors and medical practitioners who can safely and unobtrusively monitor the growth and development of your unborn child, and have always been eagerly awaited by expectant mothers who can often take a photograph of their unborn child away with them. These are usually performed at around 20 weeks, which is generally considered to be the best time for the procedure, and also a good time to check out the gender of the unborn russian volume lashes .

Schrl  If you are considering a 3D ultrasound 30 weeks is considered to be the optimum time. At between 28 to 30 weeks the baby should have opened his eyes and will have his full facial features including eyebrows and russian volume lashes . While on the monitor you may be able to see the unborn baby moving and sucking his thumb, for example, or perhaps playing with his fingers or his toes. If the baby co-operates at this time, it is the best time to get a photograph. Soon after the 3d ultrasound 30 weeks gestational age the baby will probably start to move down the birth canal, and it can be difficult to get a good photograph which is in a good position. As the baby grows and moves down the birth canal, a good photo can be extremely difficult to negotiate.

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You will be amazed at the clarity of the photographs available at 3D ultrasound 30 weeks gestational age. You might even find it difficult to remember that the baby isn’t yet born, when you see the amazing quality and clarity of the picture. It is not necessary to drink lots of water immediately prior to your appointment, as it is with a 2d scan, but if you drink plenty of water in the couple of weeks leading up to the 3d ultrasound scan it will ensure that the fluid surrounding the baby is clear which will enhance the picture quality. You will really feel like you have ‘met’ your unborn child after a 3D ultrasound scan, and the majority of expectant mothers have said that it helps enormously to start the bonding process. It somehow makes the baby seem more real to the expectant mother, when they have actually seen the face and features of their unborn russian volume lashes .

If you are interested in having a 3D ultrasound scan you will probably need to book a private appointment. There are plenty of places available these days which can help you, but do make sure that you use a fully qualified and experienced practitioner. Although these scans are safe and unobtrusive, in the wrongs hands they can also cause harm to you and your unborn child. So if you’re a member of the growing band of people who just can’t wait to see their unborn baby for the first time, then maybe you ought to consider booking an appointment for a 3d ultrasound scan. The memory will live on with you forever.

Good luck and happy parenting!

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